Our mission is to provide disadvantaged young men and women with an alternative to drug use, gang violence, hopelessness and despair. Founded on the principles that physical well being, moral strength, emotional health and a hopeful outlook can be nurtured simultaneously.

Youth Programs

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The Ring of Hope Boxing Club sponsors afternoon programs that offer a safe haven and supportive environment for inner city youth and young adults. The program uses boxing and physical exercise as an alternative to drug use and gang involvement and creates a positive support system for young people through physical training, coaching, mentoring and social support.

After-School Program

The Ring of Hope Boxing Club's after-school Youth Program meets Monday through Thursday 4 p.m. to 5:30 p.m. and is for kids 8-14 years of age. It offers a safe, secure environment for afternoon instruction and encourages positive attitudes, hard work and physical fitness. Young people also learn how to deal with peer pressure, develop a sense of belonging and receive supportive coaching and mentoring. It is a club as much as it is a sport.

The Youth Program follows the Schenectady School District calendar. There is no program when school is not in session. (Holidays, vacations, snow days) Summer may differ.

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Competition Program

Some youth compete in local, regional and national boxing competitions through amateur, Olympic-style boxing groups. The program teaches the fundamentals of the competitive sport and supports young boxers through the early stages of competition in the regional and national Junior Olympics, Golden Gloves and USA Boxing tournaments.

Student Boxer
Student Boxer

In-School Programs

We offer push-in programming at Central Park Middle School and Mont Pleasant Middle School, as well as working in conjunction with Schenectady High School for the ‘Peaceful Warriors’ program. All Schenectady High School students are welcome to attend ROH free of charge. These programs help young men and women develop positive life skills. Through boxing and fitness, the programs teach discipline, commitment and self-control/anger management, as well as helping to provide support and maintain physical fitness.

Youth Program Prices

Monthly Fee: $60.00
Three Month Membership Fee (Save $30!): $150.00
Six Month Membership Fee (Save $70!): $290.00
1 Year Membership Fee (Save $150!): $550.00
USA Boxing Memberships Included in Every Kids Sports Program (teamusa.org)